The Future of International Intellectual Property Law Conference 

This conference evaluated three major current proposals for change. These were the Berne Protocol, the New Instrument - which is in effect an update of the Rome Convention - and the draft treaty on databases. These new agreements are intended to bring the law into the digital age. They seek new and stronger protections for multimedia, networked information, and digital works of all kinds.

As a likely signatory of these treaties, Australia will have to amend its laws in response to the changes. This will require in some circumstances a radical rethinking of certain concepts in Australian intellectual property law.

This conference offered participants an up-to-date overview of trends in this area and their likely impact on Australian Law.

Speakers and topics:
Libby Baulch
, Executive Officer, Australian Copyright Council, Singing in the Rain: Will the Digital Umbrella Work?
Lionel Bently, Lecturer, King's College London, A History of International Intellectual Property Law
Michael CrosbyPerformers' Rights - Dream or Reality?
Claus Dirnberger, Executive Officer, Services and Intellectual Property Branch, Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Trade-related Intellectual Property: Possible Implications of the WIPO Diplomatic Conference on Copyright and Certain Neighbouring Rights Questions for the TRIPS Agreement
Peter Drahos, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, The Australian National University,Intellectual Property and States: Past, Present, Future
Stephen Fox, Attorney-General's Dept, Where to Now - The Australian Government Response
Catherine Hawkins, Attorney-General's Dept, Copyright and Neighbouring Rights: An Overview of the New WIPO Standards
Warwick Rothnie, Senior Associate, Mallesons Stephen Jaques, Fair Dealing 
Julian Thomas, Senior Research Fellow, Australian Key Centre for Cultural and Media Policy,'Sui Generis' Protection of Databases?
Jamie Wodetzki, Solicitor, Minter Ellison, The New International Copyright Regime: What About the Copyright Consumer?