Copyright: The Challenges of New and Old Media Conference

This conference focused on both new and old forms of media as a way of examining a number of topical issues in copyright law, including fair use, moral rights and digital copyright protection. In particular, it looked at the way traditional copyright principles have been applied in relation to film and television. It also looked at the way in which copyright law has dealt with the problems posed by digital technologies.

Speakers and topics:
Simon Cordina
, Director, Legal and Broadcasting Policy, Federation of Australian Commercial Television Stations, The Director's Copyright Debate
Professor Jane Ginsburg, Morton L Janklow Professor of Literary and Artistic Property Law, Columbia University, New York, Napster: A Cautionary Tale
Richard Harris, Executive Director, Australian Screen Directors Assocation, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: Directors to get a Place at the Rights Table
Carolyn Hough, Acting Principal Legal Officer, Intellectual Property Branch, Attorney-General's Department, Copyright Amendment Digital Agenda Act: The New Retransmission Scheme
Professor Bernt Hugenholtz, Director of the Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam, Sleeping with the Enemy: Copyright Contracts in a Digital Environment
Professor Sam Ricketson, Barrister and Professor of Law, Melbourne University, An Australian Perspective
Nick Smith, Copyright Advisor, Australian Libraries Copyright Committee and Executive Officer, Australian Digital Alliance, New Media, New Control: The Expansion of Copyright in the Digital Environment
John EdquistThe New Moral Rights Legislation