Intellectual Property & Biotechnology: Access, Ownership and Control Conference

This one-day conference explored some of the legal, social, and medical challenges associated with the patenting of genetic materials. It discussed a number of recent controversies over the ethics of patenting biotechnological inventions. In particular, it focused upon the debate over stem cell research, the battle over Myriad Genetics’ patents related to breast cancer, and the WTO discussions on access to essential medicines.

Speakers and topics:
Mr Geof Burton, 
Director, Access Taskforce, Environment Australia, Australia's Place in the Sun - Genetic Resources Management and the Bonn Guidelines 
Dr Mildred Cho, Research Fellow, Centre for Biomedical Ethics, Stanford University, The Effects of Gene Patenting on Genetic Testing and Research
Justice Michael Kirby, High Court of Australia, The Genome and Intellectual Property Law: Where UNESCO Angels Tread
Dr Dianne Nicol, Lecturer, Centre for Law and Genetics, University of Tasmania,Pharmaceutical Patents and Developing Countries
Dr Matthew Rimmer, Lecturer, ACIPA, The Australian National University, the Attack of the Clones: Patent Law and Stem Cell Research
Ms Anna Sharpe, Partner, Clayton Utz and member of the Plant Breeder's Rights Advisory Committee, Plant Breeder's Rights and Patent Law
Professor Brad Sherman, Director, ACIPA, Griffith University, Regulating Access to Genetic Resources: Biodiscovery and Intellectual Property Law
Dr Jagveer Sindhu, Director, The Asia & Pacific Seed Association, Thailand, Plant Breeder's Rights in the Asia Pacific