IP and Climate Change: Issues for CGIAR Centers

18 June 2014, CGIAR Master Class, Matthew Rimmer

CGIAR is focused upon promoting climate-smart agriculture. CGIAR has noted: "As climate changes, can we achieve food security while reducing rural poverty, improving health and nutrition, and sustainably managing our natural resources?". CGIAR has sought to advance climate-smart agriculture around the world, through collaborations with farmers, civil society, governments and researchers. In this context, intellectual property law plays a key role in the debate over agriculture, food security, nutrition, and climate change. This master class considered the international framework in respect of intellectual property, agriculture, and climate change. It outlined the current debate in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change; the World Trade Organization; the World Intellectual Property Organization; and other key international organizations. This master class examined the role of a number of species of intellectual property - including plant breeder's rights, patent law, trade mark law, copyright law and database protection; and trade secrets. It considered some key conflicts over intellectual property, agriculture, and clean technologies. This master class also explored a range of models of intellectual property management in respect of clean technologies. In particular, it highlighted institutions such as CGIAR; the UNFCCC Climate Technology Centre and Network; WIPO Green; Green Patent Fast-Tracks and Highways; and The Doomsday Vault.


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