Australasian Intellectual Property Academics’ Conference

6-8 February 2014, Brisbane
Hosted by ACIPA


Associate Professor Isabella Alexander, University of Technology Sydney
Battles of Booksellers

Dr Catherine Bond, University of New South Wales
Colonial Newspapers as Copyright Courtrooms

Professor Kathy Bowrey, University of New South Wales
Writing a History of Histories of Copyright

Associate Professor Jani McCutcheon, University of Western Australia
Transformative Use and the Adaptation Right in Copyright Law

Professor Jill McKeough, University of Technology Sydney and ALRC Commissioner
Copyright Reform and the ALRC

Professor Dan Hunter, Queensland University of Technology
Seeing the World in a Brick of Plastic: LEGO and the Global Intellectual Property System, 1954-2013

Dr Amanda Scardamaglia, Swinburne University of Technology
Keywords, Trademarks and Search Engine Liability: Rhetoric or Reality?

Dr Jay Sanderson, Griffith University
Why UPOV Matters

Professor Dianne Nicol, University of Tasmania
Where are we up to with Patentable Subject Matter?

Dr Nicolas Suzor, Queensland University of Technology
Crowdfunding the Commons

Associate Professor Matthew Rimmer, The Australian National University
The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Intellectual Property, the Environment and Climate Change

Professor Sam Ricketson, University of Melbourne
Researching the international IP conventions – problems and issues

Johnathon Liddicoat, University of Tasmania
Re-evaluating Supply Infringement under the Patents Act 1990 (Cth)

Ezieddin Elmahjub, Queensland University of Technology
Islamic Shari’s and the Design of Fair and Efficent Intellectual Property Laws

Assistant Professor Robert Cunningham, University of Western Australia
Information Environmentalism: a governance framework for intellectual property rights


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