Nagoya Protocol ABS and TK: Implications for CGIAR Centers

1 April 2015, CGIAR Master Class, Brendan Tobin

The Nagoya Protocol establishes binding legal obligations for state’s parties on issues of access to genetic resources and traditional knowledge, benefit sharing, prior informed consent procedures, compliance with national law and consideration of customary law. This master class examined the implications of the Nagoya Protocol for CGIAR centers with particular attention to activities of collection, documentation, storage, research, improvement, transfer and dissemination of genetic resources and traditional knowledge. Emphasis was placed on securing active engagement of participants in discussion of the merits and elements for consideration in an indicative checklist of issues to be considered by those working for or on behalf of CGIAR centers with regard to implementation of the Nagoya Protocol. The outcome of this master class will serve as the basis for a follow-up master class on implementation by CGIAR centers of the Nagoya Protocol.


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