Nagoya Protocol ABS and TK: Implementation strategies for CGIAR Centers

29 April 2015, CGIAR Master Class, Brendan Tobin

The activities of CGIAR centers in the collection, documentation, storage, research, improvement, transfer and dissemination of genetic resources and traditional knowledge, whether in their original state or as modified, improved or otherwise transformed by or on behalf of CGIAR centers. These activities must now be carried out with due attention to changes in national and international legal governance of access, research and trade, in genetic resources and traditional knowledge following the entry into force of the Nagoya Protocol. CGIAR centers need to examine their existing practices and where necessary adopt new strategies to ensure compliance with legal and moral obligations to protect the rights of countries of origin and Indigenous and local communities over their genetic resources and traditional knowledge. With a view to facilitating compliance while ensuring minimum disruption to the ongoing activities of CGIAR centers this master class focused on implementation strategies and discussion of a draft checklist of issues for consideration by center staff and contractors to ensure compliance with the Nagoya Protocol. This checklist will draw heavily upon existing CGIAR guidelines and working practices and participatory discussion will serve to help refine the draft checklist and proposal for its further development and dissemination.


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